Landscape Services Weston

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Landscape Services Weston

Landscape Services Weston

Landscape Services Weston – Elements as living, natural, human and abstract are what makes up the visible features of an area of land in Weston. Landscape services should have these elements in order to understand the land.

Living element- The art of growing plants with the objective and goal to beautify the property or environment of your home/property in Weston.

Natural element- the Terrain configuration and the way the land forms (including water).
Human element- objects that are created by humans such as structures, buildings and anything fabricated by humans.

Landscapers look at the surrounding areas within your Weston property with these elements to layout plant selections, rock formations and hardscapes, etc.

Abstract elements are conditions such as weather and lighting. These conditions are important to a landscaper. They determine the climate (hot/cold), sub tropical etc. Understanding the zone conditions is crucial to the selection of plants especially as it relates to soil conditions (regarding ph, dry, wet environments.).

With landscape services, tools are also very important to the landscaper in order to execute the total project. This consists of sketches with drawing paper and pencils. Computer generated drawings are also very effective to see the complete project in three dimensional prior to beginning the physical work. Landscapers usually have various tools to execute their projects such as shovels, graders, rakes, picks, bulldozers and many more different types of tools and equipment, depending on the complexity of the project.

Understanding the land in Weston is of utmost importance. In order to achieve a successful design and installation, all these elements have to be taken into consideration.

Garden Impressions provides professional design and landscape services including installation. We look at all the elements and listen to our customers needs. Our mission is to successfully execute your garden to your satisfaction so that you can enjoy your Weston property for years to come.


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